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Itís kinda weird..

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College starts in 1 ½ month...

I always wanted to become a teacher...OK.. Always means "last two years". But still...It's a long time and I really liked the idea of being a teacher. But my plans didn't work out they way, they were supposed to work out...So I wrote some more applications for different Colleges and I got the acceptance for one College, I thought I would pick if I get the acceptance...

But now I'm not sure any more. It's called "Ecology and Environmental Protection". It sounds really interesting but...I just don't know...It's a lot of Math, Chemistry and Biology. I think Math shouldn't be a problem. We had a great teacher at school and I liked it. I have to repeat all the stuff we learned at school, but that doesn't matters. I think the big problem will be Chemistry. I HATED it. I really HATED it. I don't know anything about it. I might can change my attitude towards it but it will be real hard work.

But my real point is: I'm 20...How can I know, what I want to do in 20 years? What kind of job I would like to do? How I will live?

It's odd, cause the most people don't get my point...

I have concrete plans for the next few years...First I have to finish College and than I want to work as an development aid volunteer in Africa or Brazil for 2 or 3 years...And than I might come back to Germany...I will be 30...I have to get a job and have to work. I have to work...35...maybe 40 years to get a least a little bit pension...1: I can't imagine, doing the same job such a long time...I really can't ...and 2: I'm 20. Why do I have to worry about my pension?!

It's weird...At the moment I don't want to think about my future...Honestly?!: I'm kinda scared...

20.8.08 17:06

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Babs (22.8.08 13:56)
Amazingly, reading "At the moment I don't want to think about my future...Honestly?!: I'm kinda scared.." I thought about the same song, too.

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